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Don’t let your job eat your life, find a new career at eTech

Don’t let your job eat your life, find a new career at eTech

Young Startups Are Changing the Way the U.S. Does Business
We are in the midst of a workplace revolution. The American workplace is changing to meet new demands. If you want to be a part of new office ideals of cooperation, communication, and creativity, then now is the time to join eTech360 in changing the way the modern office gets the job done.
eTech360 is joining the growing number of new small companies that are embracing the 35-hour workweek and want to put their employees’ needs first. We’re throwing out the preconceived ideas of what work life should be and redefining it for a better quality of life. eTech360, like many progressive young businesses in the U.S., believes that a work-life balance is absolutely critical to being happier and more successful in your career.

Changing Workplace Ideals for a Happier Life
The New Economics Foundation recommends a shorter workweek to improve your health, happiness, and satisfaction in life. We live in a new generation of employees; a generation that wants better work-life balance.
Another study by Ernst & Young’s Global Generations Research conducted one of dozens of similar studies on changing priorities in the workplace, and they all said the same thing: people want flexibility. They want a more positive work environment. They don’t want to be told when, where, and how to work. They want to be rewarded based on the quality of their work rather than their ability to exist within a space and breathe stale office air for 40 hours a week.

Work-Life Balance is New Number One Priority, According to Studies
Surveys like the one conducted by Ernst & Young show that younger generations place balance in their work and home lives as their highest priority, with flexibility as their second most-valued trait in an employer. In similar studies, people who feel like they work for a company that supports a shorter workweek, a stronger work-life balance, and a business that promotes a casual and friendly environment in the workplace reported feeling more satisfied with their lives overall.
People who show higher levels of satisfaction and happiness in the workplace also tend to be healthier and happier at home, too, according to the follow up studies that were conducted. So why would anyone work for an employer that makes them feel like dirt?
You spend a major part of your day at work. Your life doesn’t begin and end at the office. It’s time for employers to realize this, too.

The 35-Hour Workweek: A Healthier Alternative
At eTech 360, we support a 35-hour workweek. This allows you to have a healthy work-life balance and a better work-life balance that allows you to stay healthy; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hobbies, friends, family, and spending time wherever you most want to be when you’re not at work is every bit as important as the time that you put in at the office. We support the members of our team to not only be successful in the workplace, but to also thrive in every aspect of their lives.

An Innovative “4 Hour Flex Time Policy” to Help You Handle Bumps in the Road
In addition to a shorter workweek, eTech360 has implemented a new strategy to help you handle the crazy stuff that life throws at you from time to time. In the past, we felt like our old employers couldn’t understand the everyday emergencies that can happen to us all. Spoiler alert: bosses get sick and overwhelmed, too.
Maybe your kid has to stay home sick from school, your car broke down, or maybe you’re just going through a rough time. Life happens. And you deserve an employer that understands that fact instead of pretending like they’ve never been there before!
That’s why eTech360 developed a method of handling these minor (or major) crises. It’s a 4 Hour Flex Time Policy that lets you reserve four hours out of the workweek to deal with whatever needs to be dealt with (without cutting into your paycheck).
If you’ve gotten behind on a deadline, had to miss some time from work, or if you’re trying to get a jumpstart on your workload so that you can spend some extra time with your friends and family this weekend… all you have to do is schedule those 4 hours of flex time whenever you need it. You can make up that time during the week in which you scheduled it, so that you can get back on track without losing sleep over it.

Improving the Work Environment for Improved Quality of Life
Happiness is crucial. Happy employees stick around and rise through the ranks. Happy employees perform better in the workplace and are more efficient, according to recent studies from Northwestern University.
Aside from workplace happiness being a good business strategy, more young companies are striving to improve their employees quality of life simply because they remember what it’s like. Why should we adhere to the old standards of the almighty Office when we can change the way we approach work so that everyone can benefit?
That’s why eTech360 is pushing for a more relaxed, upbeat, and downright enjoyable workplace. Gone are the days when you’d struggle to fall asleep at night because you were already dreading going to work the morning. Every member of our team is excited to be here, and we’re genuinely excited to collaborate with them.
We hire people with better attitudes. This means good vibes and a good time at work. With the right people, the right environment, and the right kind of positive approach to the modern workplace, anything is within reach.
The American workforce is sick of bosses who just don’t “get it.” eTech360 listens. We get it. Because we’ve been there too. That’s why we created a safe haven for people who want a meaningful career that fulfills and enriches their work lives, while encouraging them to live life to the fullest both in and out of the workplace. Experience a better way to work. Find a matching career on our boards.

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