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We are a technology-based resource management company that services internet startups. We handle all the programming, graphic design, and marketing work for our sister companies who need a forward-thinking edge in their business model.

The company was built out of a desire to confront the Information Age head on, and use it to ignite forward thinking marketing techniques.

We hold the viewpoint that in order to succeed in this new world, one must be willing to change. So although we are strong and precise with our marketing projects, we are also malleable. We are able to change with the tides and trends of an ever-changing, technologically-advanced society.

With a rare collection of talented individuals who bring both youthful creativity and experienced analytics to the conference room, eTechnologies is an organic machine that works together to generate spectacular results in every project we take on.


Our creative team works hard to provide top quality web development and graphics to support the company’s websites and marketing endeavors. Each website contains a harmonic blend of easy navigation and stunning graphics so that sites are easy to use and still stand out from the crowd. The team also aims to create a strong sense of company identity through their innovative design projects. Our graphic design team is the glossy shell of the machine.

Programming / IT Support

With strong problem solving skills, our dynamite programming and IT support team works on a variety of projects for the company to make it run smoother. They are the oil for our engine. They work on client applications for web services, desktop support for the call center, and manage exchange email servers. They also develop and improve internal company software like CRMs and ATSs written in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP.

Digital & content Marketing

Our rock star marketing team is the springs, the coal, the steam. This close-knit group of individuals works together to develop new online marketing strategies to propel the business forward. They focus on creatively optimizing the business to generate concrete results. Open-minded and motivated, our team of SEO specialists and content writers brainstorms and implements new ideas that thrive in a modern world.

iOS / Android Application Development

Our programming team is working on developing mobile apps to complement our web applications; so customers can access our information and services via iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, and Smart Phone. Fixated on efficiency, project members utilize location services, iOS and Android Operating Systems to create something fresh and current to reach out to new customers